InstantTest: Testing for the Next Generation

A Vendor Presentation

Let's face it--unit testing is a big waste of time. We all know that these tests never really find meaningful bugs. All they really do is force us to write more and more boring code. So, how do developers avoid the unit test trap and still make their manager happy with all the unit tests they've created? The answer: InstantTest, the testing tool that makes everyone happy. With InstantTest, you'll be able to simply generate thousands and thousand of unit tests. Your manager is going to be so thrilled with your testing productivity; he's going to give you a bonus. InstantTest examines your code and looks for all the obvious areas where it can generate the most tests and generates more xUnit tests than you'd ever write in a month. This demonstration will look at how InstantTest's patented "maximizer" algorithm is able to inspect your code and identify all those areas where it can generate the most permutations of obvious tests. Got a method that takes an Integer parameter? Well, we've got 32,768 ways to test it. This session will change your whole outlook on unit testing.