Put Testing Where It Belongs--At the End

Keynote by Brian Marick

From: Brian Marick <marick@waterfall2006.com>

Subject: Putting testing where it belongs - schedule risk

Date: January 26, 2006 9:31:57 PM CST

To: Mike Cohn <mike@waterfall2006.com>

Dear Mike,

As you know from our statement of work, I'll be delivering the first keynote at Waterfall 2006. We both acknowledged that I cannot begin planning for my talk until everyone else finishes and delivers *to me* the plans for *their* talks. The scheduled delivery date was January 15th.

As of today (January 26), only *nine* of the 25 talks have been planned. Further, no one cc'd me on the plans, so I had to find them by snooping around in the document repository. (You should change the admin password from the default, you know.)

I do not see a smooth conference development effort happening. Unless we resolve this ASAP, the conference dates will have to slip. That would make us look pretty foolish in front of the skeptics.

Yours truly,

Brian Marick

cc: Tim Lister, Tyra Banks, Ken Schwaber, Mary Poppendieck, Jim Highsmith, Jeff Patton, Ward Cunningham, Michael Feathers, Jutta Eckstein, Jean Tabaka, Diana Larsen, Joshua Kerievsky, Esther Derby, Babu Bhatt, Dave Thomas, Mike Clark.