Bringing Process Deviants Into Compliance

Doug Shimp

Dear Friend,

Please join us for an enlightening time as we give energy to the new process we have discovered.

We are pleased to inform you that a new method has been created to ease your suffering and bring process help to you. Our new process is unlike anything we have tried before and goes beyond our previous attempts to solve those intractable problems that you know are haunting us all. Questions like

YES, we have found that by giving yourself completely and wholly to the process it can happen. The problem is clear! there are individuals (not to name names) out there who are resisting and not giving their best. We know who they are and they are not following what is obviously a SIMPLE clear defined route to SUCCESS. By not following our process "the others"(process deviants) have been holding a bad nonconformist attitude in place. This has been spoiling the unity and harmony we are seeking. Only through our unity are we united and thus able to deliver what is asked for.

As you know, we always assume that everyone is trying to give their best and that everyone truly cares. So, we want to help those "process deviants", who can't help themselves, by providing them the direction they obviously need. Managing is like raising children. Children don't really want to be deviants but, need our guidance to make the correct choices. This is the same for process deviants, they need processing to pull them into compliance. See how simple it is :)

We have almost found all of the SIMPLE measurements needed to pull process deviants back into compliance. After all, it's for their own good and the community's. We know the simple answer is best and intend to make those process deviant people understand that. After they are through with our latest round of training their heads will be completely filled with the right process so, that they will have little choice but, to follow. Failing to follow will be seen as marching out of step and subsequently being identified as failing to march with the rest of us. We don't want that and neither do they.

So, Please join us for our first round of process learning as we reveal the stunning new method for Bringing Process Deviants Into Compliance.

Thank you for your support our process grows stronger as a result of your continued INPUT.