Managing the Waterfall

Sarah Ramkissoon

Project management is a key part of any waterfall process. This paper on Waterfall Project Management focuses on the following three key areas:

  1. Getting your project budget approved--How to use techno-speak, business buzz words and pretty graphics (including waterfalls!!) to convince Executives to approve company money to be spent on cool tools/hardware and software that you and your preferred colleagues want to play with. Learn how to convince your boss to buy you a state of the art PDA for note taking during meetings that you really use to play Frogger.
  2. Strategies to convincing Execs to let you hire more underlings. This has two benefits: First, as a PM, you look more important; Second, there is more buffering for lean company times when the LIFO principle tends to hold.
  3. How to make the transition from Developer to Manager: Teaches you how to lose a few IQ points (or at least disguise it severely); how to evolve from constructing clear, short, bullet-type sentences, into long-winded, hyperbolic Dickens novels; and finally how to do major butt-kissing.