Riding your Project Management Career "Over the Waterfall" Successfully

Payson Hall

As the world rushes to re-embrace waterfall techniques, the project management profession, particularly those with the coveted PPM (Pseudo Project Manager) credential, should recognize the tremendous opportunity to accelerate our careers if we "go with the flow". Payson Hall's session will underscore the career benefits of Waterfall to Project Managers. In it, Payson points to the advantages of growing the PM ranks with underlings who can be devoted to building and maintaining huge, monolithic project plans from the very start of the project. Requiring extremely detailed plans before we know what must be built makes work for a host of staff and provides corresponding growth and promotion opportunities for senior project managers who will naturally float to the top.

An additional benefit of monolithic development is the opportunity to serve on projects that NEVER finish. As Payson points out in his talk, if you never finish anything, you cannot fail. You too can have a perfect project management record before you embark on your lucrative career as a project management consultant reviewing other people's plans. As an added benefit, this session will be held in the prestigious "Barrel Room" at the top of the hotel. Join Payson and the other project managers in the Barrel as they go over the (benefits of) Waterfall.