Jason Gorman

Jason Gorman

Industry studies show a clear relationship between the maintainability of code and the expendability of developers. In your rush to deliver working software, there's always a danger that you might inadvertently introduce code "smiles". A code "smile" is some aspect of the code that makes other developers smile when they have to maintain it. Common code "smiles" include:

Over time code "smiles" build up to create what is sometimes called maintainable code, more specifically, code that can be maintained by somebody other than the person that wrote it, and that means YOU!

Refuctoring is the process of taking a well-designed piece of code and, through a series of small, reversible changes, making it completely unmaintainable by anybody except yourself. Comprehensive regression testing guarantees that nobody will be any the wiser.

Years of experimentation has produced a set of refuctorings that can be applied to the code, to the development process, and to the people on your project. You will learn key refuctorings, including:

Finally, you will be introduced to the Job Security Index, an industry standard metric for assessing how easily you can be replaced, which you can use to target your refuctoring efforts for maximum career value.

You can download the slides for this presentation.