Project Bureaucracy: How to Generate Millions of Jobs without Gaining any Productivity

Jens Coldewey

In today's software development projects still up to 50% of the staff still do coding and other productive work. This means that they are completely under-administrated, there are no resources left for controlling, anti-corruption, political correctness, gender-specific subjects and so on. Careful consideration of all these issues will immediately lead to ten times the employees in every software project. This would solve unemployment in all western countries at once without any manager having to invest only a single second into creative thinking.

Workshop Format

Endless debate, including any subject, such as world peace, SOX regulations and EU accounting standards




Attendees have to fill out the 42-page form available from the organizers and will be chosen according to the process described by Franz Kafka in The Castle.

About the Organizer

Born and living in Germany, Jens Coldewey is well acquainted to any form of irrational bureaucracy. He is able to fill out a German tax form and to apply for a driver's license in almost any country of the world.